Why Are Titleist NXT Golf Balls So Popular?

For the uninitiated, golf looks like a leisurely game: you ride around a beautiful course in a cart, swing the club a few times, and then retire to the lounge to sip a martini.  Thanks to players like Tiger Woods, Louis Oosthuizen, Ricky Fowler, Adam Scott, and Geoff Ogilvy, the game has a more youthful, vigorous face – or the rest of the world is starting to realize that this is as game of skill, of patience, of endurance, and if you’re sans caddy or cart, quite a physical one as well.  Top players know the importance of the right golf ball; if you’re trying to bring your game to a new level or you need more distance, there is nothing better than Titleist NXT golf balls.

Titleist is one of the top names in the golfing world, and their balls are used on courses all over the world.  You may not see the NXT in the Masters (players opt for the Titleist Pro series most often), but it’s a great ball for improving your game and distance.  What’s so special about the NXT?  Like the vast majority of golf balls on the market, the NXT has a two part construction.  The core is made of solid polybutadiene and is 1.575 inches in diameter.  The core is designed to provide:

  • High velocity
  • Low spin

 The cover is made of a resilient, low spin Ionomer and measures .053 of an inch.  The size and compression of the core, along with the design of the cover are designed to improve your game by reducing slices and hook spins and increasing your speed.  The dimple design on the Ionomer cover utilizes a new 332 Icosahedral design with a staggered wave parting line, which increases its surface coverage.  The dimple design was engineered with an eye towards improving aerodynamics and providing a “more consistent ball flight,” according to Titleist.

The NXT spawned the NXT Tour and NXT Extreme.  Senior Vice President of the Golf Ball Research and Development of Acushnet (Titleist’s parent company), says, “The combination of the new Staggered Wave parting line, with the improved surface coverage and dimple dimension changes, will provide golfers with optimized distance off the driver and long irons, as well as a slightly higher ball flight with both the NXT Tour and NXT Extreme.” 

What is the difference between the NXT and NXT Tour and Extreme?  The differences are in the core and the cover design.  The NXT Tour is designed to offer players:

  • Longer distances that are both straighter and more consistent
  • Short game playability and control
  • Soft feel
  • Exceptional durability

The core is solid, multi-layered Polybutadiene measuring 1.580 inches.  The cover is made of FusaBlend, for a soft and thin feel.  It measures .050 of an inch.  The dimple design, like that of the NXT, is 332 Icosahedral with a staggard wave parting line.  The NXT Tour is great for players who want to work on both short and long games.

The NXT Extreme is also great for those who want distance – Extreme distance – and short game playability.  It features a high COR core of solid polybutadiene, measuring 1.550 inches.  The cover is .065 of an inch of Ionomer, and the dimple design provides a greater surface coverage with a higher dimple count of 392.  Like the other NXT balls, this one has the Staggered Wave parting line.

There is a reason why Titleist has been a top choice for decades: they help improve your game.  Your determination and regular practice are what will make you a great player – and Titleist will put you on the right track. There are some amazing balls available at great prices.



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