The newly released Bridgestone B330-RXS golf ball is the first Tour-caliber premium golf ball designed for the amateur golfer with a slower swing speed. The B330-RXS has a softer core than the regular B330-RX and is by far the softest multi-layer urethane ball on the market. The VERY soft gradational core, soft cover, and 330 dimple design deliver pinpoint accuracy for golfers with a swing speed below 95 mph.

Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS would prove to be your ultimate companion on the golf field with its faster Speed Elasticity core essential for controlled long distance shots. Bridgestone B330-RXS has a soft feel which not only provides superior consistency but also less spin. Bridgestone 330-RXS wears a three-piece Urethane cover which gives exceptional control on you drives.

Switch to the TOUR B330 RXS to feel what its like to gain control, accuracy, and a decisive advantage over the competition.

Feel for more birdies and Accuracy to help control the ball on every shot. The enhanced feel of the TOUR B330 RXS comes from a softer cover as a result of the SlipRes technology. The TOUR B330 RXS gets accuracy as a result of lower side spin from the gradation core construction. Tee through green the TOUR B330 RXS is designed to give you an edge on the course.

  • Distance: Long
  • Trajectory: Medium
  • Spin: Medium
  • Feel: Soft


  • Faster Speen & Reduced Spin
  • Stable Hit & Durable Cover
  • Increased Distance & Roll

Bridgestone B330 RXS Golf Balls are perfect for golfers of with fast swing speeds less than <105 mph.



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