The 4-piece HEX Chrome+ Golf Ball delivers Tour performance and increases ball speeds to unlock maximum distance. This extremely fast core leads to high ball speed and maximum distance for a wide range of swing speeds. Provides the soft feel and exceptional short game spin that players want in a high performance Tour golf ball with enhanced durability. The thin inner and outer mantles produce more ball speed and lower spin with the driver for more distance. HEX Aerodynamics creates long, penetrating distance, reduces drag and promotes a stable ball flight that holds its line in the wind. HEX Chrome+ is available in a traditional White or Optical Yellow cover for additional visibility in the air or on the ground.

Chrome Soft X Golf Balls are engineered with Graphene, a revolutionary carbon material. This allows Callaway to engineer a thinner outer core and significantly larger inner core. The result is a softer feel that promotes higher launch and lower spin on full shots for longer distance and more spin around the green.


  • Feel: Soft
  • Forgiveness: Best
  • Flight: Straight


  • Great Short Game Control
  • Great Trajectory

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls are perfect for golfers of all skill levels who want longer drives and accurate straight shots.



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