TaylorMade’s TP5 golf ball now in a new high visibility yellow. The new color has been created to enhance the visibility while the durability is maintained. TaylorMade’s proprietary 5-layer ball construction provides golfers with enhanced speed without negative spin performance. Two other features include the Tri-Fast Core and the Dual-Spin Cover. Both features will benefit the golfer by providing maximum carry and complete tee to green performance. The TaylorMade TP5 also has a new Speed-Layer System – four stiff layers to produce more ball speed. The new High-Flex Material feature acts like a tightly wound spring producing a quick rebound and greater ball speed.

Golfers taking advantage of the new TaylorMade TP5 Yellow golf ball will be impressed with how this ball is made for more carry distance off the tee, more control on windy days, and greater spin around the greens.

Weight1.3 lbs