Taylormade’s TP5X Yellow golf ball is a high visibility and high performance golf ball. The enhanced speed of the golf ball is achieved by adding four increasingly stiff  layers that allow greater control in the wind, more carry distance off the tee, and more spin when you land on the green. TaylorMade’s  proprietary 5-layer construction, which includes a Tri-Fast Core will deliver maximum carry while maintaining low drag. The cover is soft-tough urethane for increased ball speed, high trajectory, outstanding playability, soft feel, and a high wedge spin. The TaylorMade TP5X high performance golf ball with the new high-visibility yellow finish called High Flex Material (HFM) is designed to enhance visibility while maintaining durability. HFM technology allows for more speed to be generated by acting like a tightly wound spring building energy for a quick rebound.

Golfers appreciate that performance will not be sacrificed when playing with the TP5X Yellow golf ball.

Weight 1.3 lbs