The Titleist TruFeel Matte Red golf ball gives golfers excellent greenside control with the proprietary TruFlex cover design. This provides excellent control on your short shot making for a more enjoyable game. You can experience more distance in your golf round when you need it most due to the enhanced TruFit aerodynamics. The golf ball has been reimagined with a new TruFlex cover, providing a noticeably softer feel for the golfer, while maintaining excellent control in and around the green.  Another popular feature is the TruFeel sidestamp which provides easy alignment for putting without marking a line on the ball.

The Titleist TruFeel golf ball with TruFlex cover is the golf ball you need when you are looking for greater control in your golf game, both into and around the green, while maintaining low ball spin, while the Matte Red color provides excellent visibility.

Weight1.3 lbs